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Genetic Disaster

Genetic Disaster is the story of you, cute innocent insane kitten held by a mad scientist who tries experiments on animals. Lucky for you, you manage to escape from your cell before he begins, but you still have to get out of his mansion filled of failed mutants that will do anything to capture or kill you. Getting out won't be easy.

It's a top-down roguelike game that you can play from 1 to 4 players on the same screen, through internet or on your couch. The game is made and developed for cooperation between players : you won't go far if you don't make plans with your partners. We are creating the best coop experience possible by thinking about the cooperation mode before the solo.

How do we play?
The game is divided in short procedural levels. At the beginning of each levels, procedural will change the way of playing: proceduraly generated level, procedurally spawn of ennemies, lunar cycles influencing your abilities, random micro-objectives and random weapons at the beginning of each level with unique gameplay. No game will look like another, no matter how much hours you try.

So, the level has started, you've grabbed a weapon and got to rush out of the lab, but what happens? You'll have to progress through the maze-like mad scientist's mansion, room by room that can look like a maze. In every corner other experiments are waiting to ambush you, you'll have to kill them with weapons from the pistol to the double-chainsaw-gatling passing by a simple shield or an axe.

Crucibles will be your tests to pass to the next level: there is dozens of them that will give a particular challenge: carry a bomb to explode the wall to the next level while but you'll be unable to use your weapon, hold the siege of a room for a certain amount of time, bring a bomb to a specific point but that explode if you hold it for more than 3 seconds, catch as much coins as possible in a room full of traps... Beat the crucible and you'll go to the next level that will offer even more challenge, and more powerful weapons.

Invite your friends, grab a beer and let's get started.