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Welcome to the arena Stool Wars!

Genetic Disaster is based on cooperation and team spirit, however some of you wanted to fight each other. Stool Wars is born.

This game mode is an arena for 4 players maximum where you can demolished your friends with stools. You can set up the time, number of rounds, life and maps of each game. Every hit touched give you points but you’ll lose them if you fall into holes or die. The player who has the most points at the end of the game will be crown the champion!

Oh and, we add some trapped stools and power up to up the challenge. Best place to settle score, no?

Have you met Devil?

Beware of Devil, the cute little kitten who can at anytime strike a devastating attack and destroy everything in his path.

Each time he kills an enemy, he stacks rage which increase his statistics and allow him to unleash a tremendous attack. Be vigilant, don’t get hit by enemies it will calm Devil immediately.He may be the smallest hero, he can be the most murderous.

The Famous Four

Blinded by his fantasy of genetic mutation, the mad scientist locked 4 creatures in his laboratory. He didn't planned that they will escape from their cages. Lost in the creepy mansion infested by failed experimentations, the heroes have to team up to survive and foil the mysteries.

Each hero develop surprising skills after the scientist’s tests and it will help them to escape the mansion. Teleportation, protection’s shield.. Heroes complement one another to create brilliant fighting strategy (at least they try). Multiple mutations found over the levels will upgrade the characters with new powers.

Each hero is unique and you will necessarily find the one who fit your play style and sensibility.


Panic is the most coward of the group. If he feels overwhelmed, he can sprint and stun enemies in a huge area.

Really good marksman, his bullets are two times faster than his allies. These two skills combined helps him to kill the most aggressive enemies and save his scales!


Sneaky is the definition of deceit. With his teleportation skills, he can easily run out danger… Or backstab his enemies.

He often pops up where he is not expected. When he reloads his gun, he shoots a devastating projectiles whose damages increase progressively. Always watch your back.

Genetic Disaster

Genetic Disaster is a coop game where you found yourself locked in a mad scientist’s mansion who loves genetic experimentations.Your Goal? Find the way out ! Alone or team up to 4, you play one of the heros with a unique skillset.

Explore the 12 levels with your allies and use absurd weapons to beat the hordes of devilishly cute enemies. Beware, the mansion adapts to the number of players and difficulty mode you choose!

Upgrade your character with the mutations you’ll loot along the levels and on the bosses you’ll beat. Permanent and reusable those mutations can be used in every game if you have enough resources to activate them. Be ruthless, find great allies and one day (maybe) you’ll leave this mansion.


Bunker is the perfect teammate. Imposing by his size, he feels less weapons recoil and has a better range but his major power is his protecting shield which secure his allies in the area.

If Bunker launches his shield in the right time, it will repels enemies attacks. Be careful, some bridges may appear really narrow for his body shape...

Genetic Mutations

The mad scientist left in the mansion the results of his last experimentations : Mutations. You can find it in every game you play. They are power ups and abilities you can put on your character. Increase fire rate, becoming insensitive to fire or ice… More than 30 mutations are available! Permanent, you can activate it before every game thanks to the crystals.

This new money is a rare resources that you can loot in chesters or enemies. To use it to pay mutations, you’ll need to find a bank, and store it. Beware, if you get a gameover before banking crystals, you’ll lose them.

You can use them to pay upgrades at the beginning of each level too. It’s up to you to explore every inch of the map and manage your crystals expense!